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 For the Dissolve program without music a slide or photo will have a duration of approximately 7 seconds each.
 For the Dissolve program with music each slide or photo duration is dependent on the length of the music.
 For the Custom program music must accompany the order in the form of a CD.  An average viewing time per slide is normally 6 to 8 seconds each.   A program containing a 100 slides would require 600 to 800 seconds of music. Multiple effects between slides and segments are timed to a music program. Titles may be added anywhere. The above example is a custom program.

  For Print and Slides to DVD or CD Playback

  • Dissolves... The slides are placed on tape or DVD in a manner that they dissolve between on another. This process is for Photos and 35mm transparencies to CD DVD only.
  • Custom Program... Special effects and dissolves are used to make the transition between each slide or negative.  This is much more pleasing to the eye and generates interest in the program. 35mm Slides, Photographs or 35mm Negatives are scanned, cleaned up and color corrected where necessary. This process is for transparencies to DVD only.
  • Editing... The adding of titles or other media to the program.  Customized graphics and titles along with animations available

  For Print and Slides to DVD or CD for Archiving, PowerPoints or Printing

  • Archiving- PowerPoint Presentations - Prints... High resolution scanning of 35mm slides to CD to be used in a slideshow like a PowerPoint Presentation or for brochures and other print material.   Pricing for High Rez.

    Slides are digitized using a 35mm film/slide scanner, photograph transfers use a high resolution flat bed scanner. This enables us to modify color saturation and contrast for a more pleasant viewing before we convert them to a DVD or other video format. When we scan the slides software removes some of the dust and scratches that may of occurred over years of storing.  Color correction can be done on an individual slide when required using our photoshop experts. Resolution of digitized image is specified by you. We have suggestions based on how the images are to be employed.

    Slides must be stacked or banded in multiples of 50 or less, aligned and facing in the same direction, in sequential order. For example: An order of 60 slides would be stacked in multiples 50 and 10, aligned with all the emulsion sides facing the same direction and oriented horizontally. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. Editing charges apply when titles or other media is added to the program. Rotation of Vertically shot slides will be rotated after we digitize the transparency.

    Buyer Beware: Competitors offering this same service for significantly less money may not be giving you all of the facts... All of our photographs and 35mm slides for the Custom Program or PowerPoints are scanned using high quality scanners. Our scanners are the some of the fastest available on the market today when digitizing images. This saves time and holds down pricing. Capturing digitally, sizing, color correction, scratch removal and proper cropping alignment however still takes a significant amount of time to accomplish, and it is only part of the process. In a custom DVD slide show the transparencies or photographs must be sized for video playback, color profiles set to NTSC color in a program like Photoshop and then imported to a digital video editor for program creation. Music tracks are digitized and timed to the program. With music each image is set to a specific duration determined by the length of the song. Software encoding to mpeg-2 and authoring is then required before the program can be burned to a DVD.

custumized program